Most trainers know this: you may be an expert in your field, but your trainees will be unresponsive to your training if it is conducted in a too academic and top-down manner. With his learning cone, Edgar Dale confirms the need to involve participants, energise a training session, and take action to strengthen the memory anchor. According to him, only 5% of the information given in a lecture is retained compared to 90% when you share your experience and train others. This is food for thought about making our training sessions interactive! Where to start ? What would be the good practices and good tools of the trainer?

All together!

Participation and collective exchange help memorisation. Although we are very much aware of it, this diagram is very far from reality. Between the great shy person stuck in a corner of the room and the rockstar who monopolises the stage, the speech is not often homogeneous. It is therefore difficult to think of constructive exchanges where everyone is inclined to express their ideas. The interaction is even more limited if the trainer is used to conducting a session without being interrupted. Sharing thoughts could then destabilise him.

How can you break free from these classic traps to inject a little dynamism into a group of learners? If the old ways haven’t worked, then it’s time to innovate, to use accessible tools that encourage everyone to participate. MOBITEACH then appears essential. A word cloud to facilitate individual expression, but also an interactive board to develop multiple possibilities for group exercises. By adjusting practices as needed, participant engagement will be strengthened.

Go off the beaten track!

The Action’Training is made up of three 1-hour webinars, hosted with MOBITEACH, separated by an individual practice time.

During this intersessional period (generally lasting 1 week), participants apply the acquired knowledge through case studies. The animator remains present and available to answer any questions individually.

Each session of an Action’Training brings together up to 6 participants to promote tailor-made support and personalisation of advice.

Be equipped to increase efficiency!

The more means a trainer has to make his sessions interactive, the better his training will be. A complete solution like MOBITEACH will allow you to automate certain tasks and focus on supporting participants. This interactive kit includes all the tools necessary to mobilise, facilitate discussions and monitor the progress of trainees in real time.

MOBITEACH offers the essential tools to effectively animate a group of learners: post-it notes, gamified quizzes, surveys, word clouds, whiteboard, just use the relevant activities, according to the targeted training objectives and learners to boost the session.

Interactivity is fundamental if you want participants to retain what they have learned during training. Thanks to the interactive tools, the trainees gain confidence and can get out of their bubble. And who says “participation” says “increased memory retention rate”, interactive training facilitating the acquisition of knowledge!

Because of the distance, participants are easily distracted due to the lack of physical contact. In order to break the silo effect and thus synchronise exchanges, we advise you to have the same visual workspace to be able to

The Learning Pyramid – Knowledge Retention Rates – Edgar Dale

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