MOBITEACH is the blended learning solution that meets all the trainer-facilitator’s needs.


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Create your Activities Library

Each trainer's area has a library of activities organised in folders. MOBITEACH offers many activities: training quiz, evaluation quiz, survey, document sharing, word cloud, post-it, video, URL sharing, message broadcasting, e-learning module... The activities are created online via a simple and intuitive interface. With the help of a few main properties, you set up your activities. Import and export functions allow you to quickly build a library of activities.

Plan and organise your sessions

Plan the sessions in which you will find your participants and the sequencing of activities you have defined. Sessions and their activities can be directly imported via Web services from certain LMS. The results collected during the session can be exported or synchronised with a third-party application.

Manage your participants

Send your participants invitations to participate in your training session directly within MOBITEACH. Use the waiting room to make them wait before starting your session. During the session, manage the activation of their microphones and webcams. Easily create groups to associate your participants with in order to favour collaborative work or organize inter-team challenges.

Get real-time feedback

During a MOBITEACH session, view participants' responses in real time. Results can be displayed collectively and/or individually, anonymously or not. This gives the facilitator an instant overview of the different levels of understanding to address any learning difficulties identified during the session.

Track activities with detailed reports

All participant data collected during the distribution of activities are historised and can be consulted via MOBITEACH reports. You can view data by session, by activity or by participant, and even view a participant's response to a given question.


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