We limit ourselves to 5, but the strengths of MOBITEACH are not lacking!

MOBITEACH is a simple, intuitive and fast tool. Find out how it outperforms all other solutions on the market for face-to-face training and distance learning.

MOBITEACH now stands out from other solutions on the market in the following 5 strengths:


Facilitate face-to-face training with the MOBITEACH Box: your participants connect to the box and you are freed from the constraints of an Internet network that you do not control.

With MOBITEACH, also run your distance training courses and increase interactivity with your participants. Switch your face-to-face training to distance training or your distance training to face-to-face in no time.

MOBITEACH can be used everywhere!


During the training session, monitor closely and in real time the activity of your participants, visualise their progress, and individual and group scores.

At the end of the session, get detailed reports on the activities carried out!


Create your activities and training courses, add your resources and enrich the MOBITEACH library.

Thanks to cloud synchronisation, share your productions with other trainers!


Before the training:

  • schedule your training sessions simply and efficiently directly with MOBITEACH,
  • send an invitation email to your participants.

At the end of a session, attest the participation of trainees with the integrated attendance sheet.


Vary your pleasures to improve the knowledge acquisition and engagement of your learners!

Involve them with various activities:

  • great classics: quiz, pairing, hotspots on images, reordering
  • original and innovative activities: cloud, post-it, free answers with live evaluation, videos, survey, whiteboard…
  • and soon: the timeline activity to work on processes, the integration of e-learning SCORM modules to give another life to your existing resources and the Paperboard activity for collective productions to give free rein to creativity!

And use the possibilities of gamification for even greater engagement!

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