Since movement restrictions, trainers that are accustomed to in-person teaching had to change their teaching methods and they mostly switched to video-conferencing. As a result formats evolved and the traditional one-day training session was shortened into a few hours sequences for the longest ones. Some trainers have revised their teaching methods but for a majority of them, they just shared their slides and screen by using softwares such as Microsoft Teams, Google meet or Zoom. The result is here, from a health and logistic perspective. It seems to work for some people. But is it enough?

Meeting or training?

With online training that barely distinguishes itself from online meeting, we move away from the efficiency of the services performed in-person… When the trainers teach in-person with learners, they know how to perceive the sign of understanding or misunderstanding of the participants, if they have to take action or not, if they have to slow down or speed up to keep everyone’s attention. These signs, that are noticeable with the presence of the participants, are invisible behind a screen while they vouch for the effectiveness of an action of a formation.

Augmented videoconference

We developed an extension for Microsoft Teams and Google meet which allows us to incorporate MOBITEACH in the application. The videoconference is improved with all the trainers’ needed tools, to prepare, to present,to assess, to commit, to test out and to check the presence of the participants. 

The trainer will also be able to find back his course materials as well as the attendance sheet and internship assessment. Every action made with the trainees is tracked and supplies Mobiteach’s reports for performance monitoring. The trainer has access to real-time information to determine what is acquired or not. He/she can involve the participants with content production activities. The trainer can use Microsoft Teams or Google Meet augmented with MOBITEACH to get a complete solution to create a real online course… Instead of an online meeting. 

First on the market, to provide, by choice, a combined use with the most known video-conferencing tools or a completely autonomous use remote online learning as well as in-person learning, our live training platform MOBITEACH, rewarded with the Brandon Hall Awards 2020, is recreating the established categories.

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