If you are a face-to-face trainer, you have surely heard of small boxes giving you access to useful features for your sessions facilitation. The MOBITEACH Box is one of those little boxes… but it goes further than the rest! Even without an internet connection, it generates its own WiFi network, in a reliable and totally secure environment, and offers you even more freedom and possibilities. Discover its main advantages here!

Even without an internet connection, the MOBITEACH Box allows you to host your sessions, by generating its own high speed and long range WiFi network, thus freeing you from the constraints of a network that you do not control. Up to 50 people can participate in face-to-face sessions by logging in.

You can also connect it to an internet network, so that it shares access with all connected participants.

The MOBITEACH Box is the ideal tool for itinerant trainers to digitise their seminars and face-to-face trainings with rich presentations, live quizzes and many other activities to promote interactions and learning. It stores all your learning resources and activities. You create and edit easily and quickly the contents of your sessions directly by connecting to the box.

With the MOBITEACH Box, even the signing-off at the end of a session is facilitated to relieve you in the administrative management of your training. Once your session is over, you have access to detailed reports and results.

The same activities and features are available online: MOBITEACH is also the tool to facilitate and energise your virtual classrooms!

MOBITEACH is THE solution to boost your face-to-face and remote training.

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