Designing a blended training programme is not easy. Our team supports you in the instructional design of your courses and helps you get started with tools to boost your training, such as MOBITEACH. Find out how!

To accompany someone is to stand neither in front, nor behind, nor instead. It’s being next door.

With their experience of over a decade in multimedia instructional design, the members of our team support and advise trainers on the choices best suited to the objectives, both for remote online and face-to-face training!

  • Activate different learning strategies

    by integrating an intelligent solution of remote and face-to-face training such as MOBITEACH.

  • Develop the operational skills of employees by supporting them in the instructional design and multimedia production phases.
  • Manage potential requests (usage issues, questions, both in project mode and in production mode).
  • Offer a differentiated approach, through the use of agile methods and techniques.

Using MOBITEACH, you can even combine face-to-face and distance online learning and create real blended learning paths, from the registration of participants to their digital sign-off on the electronic attendance sheet associated with each session!

MOBITEACH is full of engaging activities, such as polls, word clouds, post-it notes, various questioning exercises or the inclusion of SCORM modules. We advise you in the orchestration of these activities and resources, the definition of working groups and we make you autonomous in handling the tool!

Advanced training, in small groups, allows you to deepen training engineering, in a personalised way and to go further in the creation of complex courses!

Our instructional designers remain present and support the trainers in an individualised way to answer questions.

We talk and work in 4 languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese. No longer hesitate!

To find out more about the MOBITEACH action’training, see the detailed brochure by clicking on the image here against.