DEKRA, leader in inspection, certification, services and accident management in the Automotive, Transport and Industry fields trusts MOBITEACH by equipping its trainers with our solution to boost and digitise their training!

After EDF, this is another major account that recognises the strengths of MOBITEACH. Intuitive, fast and secure, MOBITEACH offers features that exceed other tools on the market. We tell you everything …

How to increase the instructional interactions of the Maintenance of Qualification Training courses for technical inspectors of Light or Heavy Vehicles?

Previously equipped with KLAXOON, DEKRA was won over by the innovations and added value provided by MOBITEACH, including:

  • Detailed monitoring of trainees’ answers and in real time

  • Making the answer to each question mandatory (or not)
  • Providing participants with technical references in order to place them in a problem-solving process
  • Offering a self-correction mode to invite trainees to complete again questions that are partially correct or false
  • Having original activities (pairing of texts, images, free response evaluated by the facilitator, writing and sharing of post-it notes …)
  • Orchestrating activities in sessions
  • Managing attendance sheets easily, directly in the tool
  • Having a Box generating a WiFi network for all tablets or computers connected during the session
  • Using shared folders so that a referent in charge of designing instructional resources can send, in one click, a training kit to all the other trainers.

Using MOBITEACH, you can train participants remotely easily. DEKRA has chosen to use it to conduct its next sessions with participants in the French Overseas Departments and Territories!