MOBITEACH, a training catalyst for your organization!

Do you have a collection of learning resources that gravitate like free electrons without ever managing to find themselves in a common space of exchange? Have you ever had the feeling that your training content was not circulating and was not shared efficiently among your teams? What about the management and administrative follow-up of your trained employees?

In an organisation, it is not always easy to centralise all the educational assets developed within various teams for the development of employees’ skills. MOBITEACH offers you a solution to this issue with a unique environment that centralises resources, information, training sessions and results.

Trainers will be able to mutualise their pedagogical sequences and make them accessible to other trainers, in order to create a real community of training designers sharing the same tool and data. No more loss of information!

MOBITEACH capitalises these same pedagogical resources for the creation of training sessions, and this in the same interface! Facilitators choose and structure their content and then use it directly in the facilitation of their sessions. All quizzes and activities results are stored and their tracking is made easier for the company: it can edit detailed reports of these training activities for analysis and archiving.

No more flying attendance sheets that can easily be lost! MOBITEACH offers an integrated signature system: the participant signs on the screen and his signature is automatically integrated into the sign-off sheet which is permanently stored and can be edited or printed as required. Administrative follow-up becomes child’s play!

Finally, MOBITEACH is also the choice to avoid using too many different tools internally! For example, you can integrate e-learning modules into the tool as real pedagogical capsules within your overall training path. MOBITEACH is also an intelligent virtual classroom (no more need for Zoom or Teams!) for exchanging with participants at a distance, and for screen sharing. Efficiency and simplicity!


MOBITEACH, the ideal tool to create session templates for the content creator!

As an instructional designer, have you ever dreamed of being able to manage everything within the same design area: create session templates that alternate engaging activities that serve different objectives into the course, centralise resources, fine-tune activities and easily archive your sessions?